ange et dam
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Ange & Dam is an artistic duo for four hands and two heads, will try anything and are resolutely secular.   
Ange & Dam have a ground floor studio overlooking the street, open
to chance meetings, they collaborate closely with associations, work with the young of the 18th arrondissement,  give concrete expression
to ‘community based’ art, matured with time, in parallel and fruitful circuits where exchange with the public, political engagement and formal research mingle and mutually enrich each other.

With a regular detour to  Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, another base, and where the two artists have worked in bronze with the same foundry for more than ten years.    They have created there a workshop of plastic arts for children with La Soupape Ailée Association.

Sculpting, but also gleaning, recycling, assembling, diverting the most diverse materials, the two-person team gives birth to carnal figures charged with emotion and a touch of humour, provocation or derision, which speak of child soldiers, those without papers, excision.    Colourful, aerial, pagan, their angels act as intermediaries between
the worlds. Works which celebrate nature, human ingenuity, the grace of the ordinary, like those simple wooden spoons transformed into goddesses of fecundity.   From travels and residencies in the Magreb, India, or in Africa, they have created a singular universe with multiple influences.


Bio, C.V. Expo

L'art du dialogue, Ange & Damnation se raconte à deux voix.
Interview by Irène Berelowitch,  2009.

Text of Esther Levinger, 2009.

Text of Jean Debouverie, 2009.

Angels are not what we think they are , Yves Gautier.

artistic tandem four hands and two heads
Alias Ange & Damnation from 1986 to 2012