ange et dam
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Creating in residences
Charente 1999-2003

A  trail of sculptures by Ange & Dam
in Charente, on the route of St Jacques
de Compostelle, an initiative of the AcApA (Angoulème).

The sculptures were created in situ,
during four residencies of one month,
with materials found locally and installed
in the villages at the end
of the residency.


Marrakech 1997

in Morocco,
in the Riad of Denise Masson,
at the invitation
of the French Institute
of Marrakech.    
Creation of sculptures:
“7 sidi
and the 7 lalla of Marrakech”
(male and female saints)
Saint Amant de Boixe
La Couronne
Lalla de Marrakech
les 7 saints de Marrakech
Bobo Dioulasso 2002-2021

In 2002, after a certain number
of visits, they created in Bobo Dioulasso a residence
for artists
in cooperation with
La soupape Ailée association.

Since then, Ange & Dam spend
time in Bobo Dioulasso each year and create bronze sculptures.

Ange et Dam

Ange & Dam are going on,
all over the world, with their careful
and warm hearted discovery 
of events linked to the very varied cultural backgrounds of ethnical groups.
The works created locally are inspired by symbols or stories collected during many different encounters they had in places where they stayed in residence. The sculptures are created using materials found on the spot like wood from building sites, plants, used metal, bronze, etc.

Bobo Dioulasso