The migratory penguin-e-s
The birds
The migrant-e-s
ange et dam
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An inspiration that we follow recent years.
We create sculptures by mixing wax and seeds
and plant materials or minerals of all kinds gleaned
here and there.

The bronzes were melted at Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso in the foundry
Daouda Traore, bronze sculptor artist we have worked
with since 1995.

They are cast according techenique lost wax.
Each on of them is a single, unrepeatable model.

La Kokette de Koko
hybrides 2012
film sur la fabrication des bronzes
Migrateur-e-s 1
Migrateur.e.s 2 : les pingouin.e.s
Les bronzes de la grandes ourse, 2017
La petite kokette danseuse, 2015
Ange & Dam, work in progress, 2014
La Kokette de Mr Colin, 2013
La Kokette de Koko, 2012
Ange et Dam et les alchimistes de Koko, 2005
A small sélection of '" hybrides"

The big bronzes

Pré-hybrides from 2005 and 2006
An object composed of different or incongruous elementsFrom the Greek hybris: an illegitimate union. Imaginary/fictional figures, the offsprings of the modeling of wax around plants: mushroom, papaya, kapok, gourd.
Adialogue between nature and the forms that it inspire in us.

The Hybrid
grand bronze
petite Kokette
ange bronze
oiseaux en bronze
bronze hybride bois
Hybrides mixte bronze divers
oiseaux en bronze et bois
2018 : Les migrations

bronzes oiseaux migrateur-e-s